Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Still sore...

I can't believe how sore I still am from the weekend.  But I made myself get up and go today.  Hopefully I worked out some of the soreness.  I took it pretty easy on everything, so I wouldn't just be making it worse.

Warm up was the fish game on the rower.  I got 1050.  Woo hoo!!
Then we had push ups every minute for like 5 min?  I did 5 per round...very strict.

Strength was bench press 5 x 5.  I did 4 x 5.  My loads were 65-75-80-85  Plenty for me, and worked the only set of muscles that weren't completely sore.  They will be tomorrow. 

WOD 1 was a 7 min AMRAP
100' dumbbell carry
10 ring dips
1 dumbbell burpee complex

My rounds:  4, with 20# db's.  

I used the ring dips as practice just jumping up and holding and then doing negatives.  I didn't do 10 per round...closer to 8. 

WOD 2 was 1500 m row for time 10- min time limit.
My time:  7:26

Everyone decided to do max reps KBS after the row in the remainder of the 10 min. 
I got 30 swings at 35#

And then I came to work to a train wreck  - network was down.  Circuit breaker had flipped.  Fixed that only to find out one of our switches has gone bad and part of the office is still offline.  Ugh.  Long day ahead!  Good thing I got up early.  :)

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