Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Feelin' Strong

So, yesterday I had no energy.  Today I felt pretty strong.  I wasn't super fast on the WOD or anything like that, but I just felt strong.  I love days like this!  :)


3 Rounds for time of:
10 Overhead squats (Men 95 lbs, Women 65 lbs)
10 Sumo Deadlift High Pull
10 Thrusters

My time:  10:17, Rx - PR by 1:25

So yeah, I PR'd this one today.  I was still pretty slow, considering everyone else's time in the gym but whatevs.  The first time we did this one I was hung over (and even possibly still drunk).  What killed my time on this was the thrusters.  I have got to figure a way to just mentally block out the agony of my burning quads and lack of oxygen during thrusters.  They are horrible every time I do them. 

I did manage to do all the OHS unbroken, however.  Small victory.  I'll take it!

Strength today was 3 OHS with 2 second hold at the bottom.

My loads:  65-75-80-85-105

I faltered a little bit at the very end of the third rep at 105# but still counted it.  I was maybe 2" from the top.  Of course, in a competition I would've been no-repped, but nobody's paying me for this stuff!  Ha ha!!

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