Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Death By Burpee

When the posted WOD is a 10 min amrap, I always worry about how we will fill that other 50 minutes.

Today, my worst fear:  Death By Burpee!!  One burpee the first minute, two the second, and so on until you fail to complete the number required.  After failure you continue with a prescribed penalty set until everyone fails. 

I made it through round 9, then failed to complete 10.  So my penalty was assessed at 6 per round, and this was through 15 rounds.  So plenty of damn burpees (84 exactly).  I wasn't dead, but I was getting close!!

Strength today was Squat Snatch - 10 singles
My loads:  35-40-45-55-60-65-70-75-80-80

Then the WOD

As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:

5 Squat snatch (Men 135 lbs, Women 95 lbs)
15 Toes to bar

My rounds:  2 + 12 ttb, scaled to 70#

I have somehow totally lost the ability to kip more than 2 or 3 toes to bar in  a row.  I really need to get this skill back in my bag of tricks.  They take forever when you're not kipping!!  Squat snatches are probably my weakest lift.  I can do touch &go on power snatch, but not on squat snatch.  I managed a couple of touch & go, but only a couple.  My form goes to crap if I don't stop and re-set between reps.

A nice, solid hour of work today!!

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