Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I feel like I've been drugged!  I could have slept all day today, I believe.   I've resorted to drinking a cup of coffee.  We shall see if that helps.

Today we had a half-tabata warm up.  Pull ups, push ups, sit ups, squats.  I subbed ring rows for pull ups, because my hands are still torn up from last week and I know we have pull ups coming up soon.

Then we did one round of The Bear with the bar and then our strength was also one round of The Bear.  I chose to stay light at 65#, because I feel like a total slug today. Then I did a few squat cleans because I wanted to, and had extra time.  :)


5 Rounds for time of:
12 Wall ball shots (Men 20 lb ball, Women 14 lb ball)
9 Ring dips
6 Handstand push-ups

My time:  12:50

Nowhere near Rx. 
Wall ball - most of them hit the target. 
Ring dips - I subbed bar dips and those were pretty iffy.
HSPU - used 2 abmats and probably connected about 50% of the time

My shoulders are shot.

Tomorrow I hope I'm feeling strong again!

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