Thursday, January 28, 2016

Well, damn!

So, as it turned out, I continued to feel crappy all last Friday. Chills, fever, etc.  And Saturday.  And by Sunday I was congested and zero energy.  Monday I hit up the urgent care and of course, it was Bronchitis again.  AGAIN!  Every single time I go to the islands and come back, seems like I get sick.  Maybe just luck of the draw, but I really think I should move to the islands.

Anyway, I wasn't "laying around reading".  I just vegged out.  Sunday I didn't even shower.  Or brush my hair.  And maybe I brushed my teeth...I honestly don't recall.  Gross, huh?  Ha ha!  

I was home from work Monday and Tuesday, and worked half a day yesterday.  I'm aiming for a full day today.  I've got two more doses of antibiotic to get through.  My lungs are feeling a lot clearer, and the fever ended days ago.

I have not rushed back to CrossFit because I'm actually learning from my experience last year - I pushed myself to go back too soon and ended up with pneumonia.  Don't need a repeat performance of that crap - no thank you!!

If all goes well, I plan to be back on Monday, raring to go!! 

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