Friday, January 22, 2016

Weekly Update

Well, I almost let the week go by without blogging.  Shame on me.

Let's see.  I made it to the 5 am class M-T-W, and purposely skipped Thursday.  I thought the WOD looked dangerous, honestly.  Handing off deadlifts to a partner without setting the bar down.  Plenty of potential for getting an injury.  I don't need an injury.  So I stayed home and rowed. 

This morning I went to the 5 am, feeling horrible.  I was thinking perhaps the 1/2 bottle (2 glasses) of wine I drank last night might have been the reason.  Now I'm afraid I'm actually getting sick.  I feel feverish and achy.  I really don't have time to get sick.  Although, not gonna lie, I would relish a few days at home just laying around reading a book or two.  I just hope I'm not really getting sick - I have stuff to do.

Open 14.4
14min AMRAP:
60cal Row
50 T2B
40 Wallballs 20/14 10/9′ 20/10 9′
30 Cleans 135/95 55+ 115/65
20 Muscle-Ups

My reps: 138

Modified by doing 25 TTB and 25 GHD sit ups, and used an 8# wallball.  I really should've gotten further than this, but I seriously had zero energy.

I warmed up on Power Cleans to 95#, just in case I made it that far, but it was not to be!


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