Thursday, January 14, 2016

Baby Steps

This week, I'm taking baby steps and kind of easing back into CrossFit.  When you're foolish enough to take almost 3 weeks off, the potential for overdoing it and becoming ridiculously sore is a harsh reality.  I've done this before.  So, when I post my wimpy little weights on the CFJ website...that's what's going on.  I'm going light on purpose.  Next week I'll step it up a bit.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!


For Time:
Run 800m or Row 1000
10 Air Squat Box Jumps 24/20″ RX+ 30/24″
15 KBS 55/35 RX+ 70/55 55+ 45/25
Row 1000 or Run 800m (opposite of start)
10 Air Squat Box Jumps
15 KBS
Run 400m or Row 500 (opposite of last)
5 Air Squat Box Jumps
10 KBS
Row 500 or Run 400m (opposite of last)
5 Air Squat Box Jumps
10 KBS

My time:  23:03 - modified
(box step ups, 25# KB)

I had mentally calculated how long this would take me and I came up with 23 minutes.  So, I took 3 seconds longer than I estimated - not too shabby.  I wanted to run today, but I didn't want go out in the cold.  I geared up and did it.  I even wore socks - I never wear socks to the gym.  But in the winter they sure keep my toes warm.  Although I continue to be slow, running felt pretty good today.  Progress!

Rest exactly 2min
2min Max Sit-Ups (athletes choice) GHD or Ab-mat anchored

I did 1 min of GHD = 20 
and 1 min of unanchored sit ups = 20

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