Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Happy Hump Day!

Wow - it's COLD and WINDY! 

The WOD today had running in it and I was the one wuss who decided it was too windy to go outside.  So I rode the bike instead.  Couldn't see the display numbers so I watched the main clock and timed myself about the average time it takes to run the posted distances.  It was still a hard enough workout for me!! 

My double unders felt pretty damn good today.  I even had a set of 25, and could've gone more, but I stopped to breathe. 

For Time:
5cal Row- 10 Doubles- 50m Run- 5 KBS 55/35lbs RX+ 70/55 55+ 45/25
10cal Row -20 Doubles-100m Run-10 KBS
20cal Row - 40 Doubles - 200m Run -20 KBS
40cal Row - 80 Doubles - 400m Run - 40 KBS
20cal Row - 40 Doubles - 200m Run - 20 KBS
10cal Row - 20 Doubles - 100m Run - 10 KBS
5cal Row - 10 Doubles - 50m Run - 5 KBS

My time:  36:10
subbed bike for run, used 25#kb

Rest 2min
2min Max Ab-Mat Anchored Sit-ups or GHD Sit-ups

Total GHD = 30

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