Tuesday, October 20, 2015

She's ALIVE!


Anybody out there?

Well, I'm back.  For now anyway.  Just thought I'd add a little spark of life to this dying blog while I"m feeling enthused.

Today I gutted up and signed up for Battle Over Redlands IV!

I have had a rough year, starting with all that respiratory crap January through March.  Then made a slight come back in April to run the Aquarium 5k and ended up with a stress fracture.  Got that healed up and then had some issues with my calf muscles/achilles tendonits.  Anyway, here we are in October and I'm feeling pretty decent.  Not back full force on double unders yet, but I'll suck it up and do them for this competition.  It'll be fun.  Ha!

I'll try to start blogging my WODs on a regular basis again, if only to motivate myself.  Doubt I have a single reader left at this point.


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