Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Go Vote!

I mean, really you should but only if you vote the way I want you to.  KIDDING~!  Just go vote.

Let's see, I skipped a while blogging.  Since my last update I've goofed up my left ankle.

I was running, out in the middle of nowhere (in a state park) on a beautiful, foggy morning and just as I was about to make a turn, I caught my foot on the edge of a groove in the road and turned it all the way out, which threw me into a skid in the road and sent me flying.  I did everything I could not to go down on my face, all the while millions of thoughts ran through my head:  "How will I call for help, since my phone is way over there? I hope it's not broken.  Will there be blood?  I didn't hear a snap.  I don't want to ride that awful bike at the gym."  And on and on...

So, there I was in the fog, trying to get my phone out of the road, and get myself off the road, when a stray dog came up (I think he's going to bite me) and he started licking me.  Which I hate, by the way.  Anyway, I assessed the damage and sat there writhing in pain for a while, afraid to get up.  Wasn't sure if it was just a bad sprain or what.  Finally a couple guys came along and helped me up.  I walked on it and the pain subsided somewhat, so in my complete state of genius, I ran back to camp on it.  I got in 2.15 miles.  Ha ha!

Long story, but I hiked 6 miles the next day.  I think the hiking boot actually helped it. It was swollen all weekend, but I'm wearing a compression sleeve and that has helped tremendously with swelling.  I ran at the gym Monday, but took it easy today, no rope climbs, no double unders, etc. It'll heal.  I figure typical rehab time is about 6 weeks.  So...tick tock!

Oh...and I'm STILL hitting weight loss goals.  It's slow going these last few pounds, but so satisfying to know that my plan is working.  Consistency and dedication are KEY!

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