Thursday, November 30, 2017

Update on the foot...

So, since my last blog post I've made a little progress.  My last check up was two weeks ago and the doctor asked me to wean myself out of the boot (YAY!!) and into a shoe.  He did not like my soft, awesome, zero drop running shoes, however.  I bought some low-top hikers which will be useful after recovery when I get to start hiking again.  For now, I'm wearing them all day, and for workouts.

 Although I prefer ankle support on "real" trails, these will be okay for beginner stuff, which is where I will have to start when I'm released to start doing "stuff". 

I go for my 8 week follow up today. I'll be curious to hear what he has to say about the healing process.  I really had different expectations, i.e., thought I'd be further along, but apparently I was just delusional.  Still have lots of swelling, particularly if I'm on my feet a lot.  I kind of think I've been overdoing it.  I'm making an effort to spend time with my foot elevated.  I'm learning all kinds of patience.  Literally one minute to the next, I get frustrated and have to talk myself down and just remain patient, think long-term healing and focus on the now. 

Here's today's ugly foot pic.  The incision is almost completely healed, meaning the scab is mostly gone.  Still plenty of discoloration, etc.  But trending toward normal looking.  I still don't like the way the big toe leans over toward the second toe, but perhaps when all the inflammation is gone, that will correct.  I'll ask today what I should reasonably expect. 

If you're considering this surgery (several women I know have the same issue and have asked about it) be sure you have a good caretaker, a lot of patience and a lot of time to recover.

For now, I'm trying to hit CrossFit three days a week, and might bump it up to 5 next week.  I'm modifying the hell out of everything.  Still rowing on one leg, etc., but I'm doing something which makes me feel good mentally and physically. 

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